One of the oldest, most unique, and still most badass sex education sites for teenagers is, run by the passionate & talented Heather Corinna. Scarleteen is an interactive educational space started in 1998 where teens have always been able to ask tough questions anonymously to adult professionals plus make connections to each other. The social community is paired with honest articles about the emotional, physical and cultural issues every teen deals with. And there's none of the offensive crap you see in teen magazines! It's not written prescriptively by their parents; it's written by their cool aunt who has their wellbeing in mind but also knows it's healthy and normal for them to experiment. I love this site.

I offered my assistance to Heather a few years ago because I just wanted to be involved any way I could (Scarleteen is run by volunteers), and we decided to start reorganizing the homepage. The first stage of this has finally launched!

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Illustrations for Whole Foods DarkRye

I created 2 illustrated cocktails for Whole Foods' new online mag DarkRye, which features some interesting food adventurers as well as my FarmTina project. Here's one, and check out for the other:


FarmTina Video for Whole Foods

I've been writing the blog since early 2010 about my small city garden that has sort of become a lil' homestead. Whole Foods heard about what I was doing and came to Brooklyn all the way from Texas to see check it out for their Grow video series! Here's my episode, and stay tuned for more fun Whole Foods & FarmTina initiatives:

Textbook Illustrations


I created over 200 illustrations & diagrams for Dr. Paul Fugazzotto's new dental textbook Periodontal-Restorative Interrelationships. Yes, that's my Daddy! It's not his first book, but it's our first book together.

It was an interesting experience to work with my Dad because for the first time ever I actually had to understand what he does-- you can't make step-by-step surgical diagrams without learning the content. After seeing the final product, it struck me how the diagrams, which are very straight-forward and simple, still feel like my own illustration work, which tends to be flowery and cute.

I Heart Daily: Redesigned in WordPress & Featured in Seventeen Magazine

I'm so excited to announce that we've finally redesigned! The site was born in 2008 from beer & conversations at Brooklyn's Soda Bar with Anne Ichikawa and Melissa Walker, former ElleGirl editors who wanted to start a DailyCandy-style site for teen girls. After less than a year, we were nominated for a Bloggie award alongside Jezebel (WHAAAA???), and now, over 3 years later, we've updated to new tech and new design and we're all very happy and fuzzy inside. Oh, and you may have seen us in Seventeen Magazine this month. No big deal.

Check out the site for my design, illustrations, and fabulous Wordpress coding knowledge. We built the original site in MoveableType (oh, 2008!) and it was fun and refreshing to build a new Wordpress site for the gals.


I spent a few short weeks at this summer working with the magnificent new Marketing Director Jessica Kantor as she builds up her strong new team. Livestream has been around for a while, but I have a feeling they're about to become the hottest freakin' thing on the internet. You heard it here first, folks...

I helped out by strategizing social media marketing campaigns, designing promo images for partners and events (some are below), and organizing some good ole' fashioned analytics-informed Twitter and Facebook messaging. I also got to photograph Saves The Day when they came into the studio for a live session and 16-year old me was freaking out inside.